Friday, 30 March 2012

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Monday, 26 September 2011

Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall is here! It didn't seem like we had much of a summer this year so it seems funny to be excited for fall but.... I am.  Hurray for the season that brings us steaming hot Chai Lattes and Pumpkin Spice Muffins!Along with these treats comes some great inspirations for Autumn Weddings in the Okanagan. 

~Sweet and Simple~
This type of style is my personal favorite.  I love the swept lines and the clean finishing. 

Fall Wedding Shoes

These were found in a second hand store, perfect for "Something old"

Autumn Cake, Bouquet,
Centerpiece, & Place Card

~Cake Inspiration~

~Bouquet Inspiration~

~Center Piece Inspiration~
Monogrammed pumpkin is a wonderful idea.

~Place Card Inspiration~

Fall Wedding Photos

~Gellatly Nut Farm Kelowna~
Located on the water in West Kelowna, Gellatly Nut Farm has many wonderful barns and buildings.  They stand as a great background if the trees are not enough, overall it's a great place to take autumn pictures. 

Autumn Decorating

Low maintenance and inexpensive.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Top Bridal Hair Styles 2011

Bridal Hair Styles for 2011 

Yes they have made a comeback in a very modern way.  Braids are being incorporated into bridal updos in a subtle subdued way.  Keep your eyes out for fishtails and “shredded” or “pulled” braids. 
 The hottest trend right now is a braided fringe or a woven and pulled to the side look.   

~Beach Waves~
Whether having a beach wedding or not this is a trend that I don’t see stopping anytime soon.  People are always worried about one day looking back at their wedding photos thinking “OMG what was I thinking?” Beach waves are one style that will be like a good pair of Levis it will never go out of style.